Blue Rigging Sleeves

You can use Scent Blazer translucent aqua or blue rigging sleeves in many ways. The blue sleeves glow and can be used as an alternative to heat shrink when rigging a big game trolling lure.

They also add a light blue color to your trolling lure skirt. Translucent aqua rigging sleeves are 9" / 235mm in length which you can cut to any length. They look better and neater and you don't need a heat gun. They can also be used as a swivel cover, rod tip protector and protective sleeving. Use them to cover rig eyes on single hooks.

Blue Scent Blazer rigging sleeve.

Blue trolling lure rigging sleeve made by Scent Blazer.

Ten blue Scent Blazer trolling lure rigging sleeves.

Ten Scent Blazer big game lure rigging sleeves in blue.

Skipjack trolling lure by Scent Blazer rigged with a blue rigging sleeve.

Scent Blazer blue rigging sleeve rigged with trolling lure hook.