Dakota Charters - San Carlos

This is Dave on the left, he owns and operates Dakota Charters in San Carlos. His boat is a 48 foot Oceans Yacht.

He went on a 5th day fishing trip during bad weather about a week ago. He said he only caught two fish during the 5 day trip. One was this Tuna caught on a small Scent Blazer slant head in Dorado color and his second fish was a Dorado which he caught on a Ballyhoo.

Dave also ran a Scent Blazer Teaser during the full five days as well. Once again Scent Blazer is the best lure on the water in my book and is becoming apparent to other fishermen.

Also I went out with Dave on one of his charters this last Friday. Dave ran four of his lures and four Scent Blazer lures. On Dave's boat he can run up to eight lines and two teaser rigs. Dave ran two Ballyhoo on both of the outriggers and Scent Blazer lures down the center. We caught 8 Dorado, 5 on the Scent Blazers and 3 on his Ballyhoo rigs. We also caught two Marlin but they were on the Ballyhoo (which were on both outriggers) and he was running a Scent Blazer teaser the whole time.

That's 10 fish total, five on Scent Blazers with a Scent Blazer teaser and 5 on his Ballyhoo rigs.

Once again Scent Blazers compare to the real deal (Ballyhoo) which no other lure company can say.

More to come tomorrow as we are going after the Yellow Fin Tuna.