Blue Mackerel Trolling Skirts

This silver and blue with dark blue spots patten skirts called Blue Mackerel. Used for replacement skirt on soft trolling or hard body big game skirted lures. This trolling lure skirt is a lime green with yellow tail. Made for all types of trolling lures and comes in a range of sizes.

#17 Scent Blazer Blue Mackerel Trolling Lures
#17 Scent Blazer Blue Mackerel Trolling Lure Skirts
Blue Mackerel Trolling Skirts for skirted lures.

Blue Mackerel lure skirt in packet from Scent Blazer.

Blue Mackerel Trolling Skirt Sizes
Product CodeNeck Diameter Length Fits Lure
SK65-195/8"(17mm)6.5"(16cm) NANO
SK95-191"(25mm) 9.5"(24cm)SMALL
SK13-191 1/4" (32mm)13.5"(34cm)MEDIUM
SK15-191 1/2"(36mm) 15.5"(38cm)LARGE
SK17-191 7/8" (48mm)17"(42cm)X-LARGE