Trolling for Yellowfin Tuna

Our day started with chatter on the radio of Wahoo, Yellowfin and Marlin being caught off Sydney. With no one divulging any info on the whereabouts of little honey hole out on the big blue we continued with plan A which consisted of putting our spread of Scent Blazer high speed lures out at North Head and running nor east to the Sydney FAD than to the Hydraulics Buoy and then out towards the Bait Station, swapping the lures for the chance of a Blue Marlin.

Picking up the Scent Blazer crew

Checking all the gear on the way out through Sydney Harbour

As we put in our spread of Scent Blazers and headed nor’ east we were greeted by a slight Nor’ Easter and a lazy swell. This continued to ease the further east we travelled. The water started bluish with a tinge of green and 23.0 degrees. After arriving at the FAD the temp rose to 25.6 and blue with a slight current pushing down the coast.

Nor' Easter kicking up down the harbour!

As we approached the FAD I eased off the throttle bringing the speed down to 7.5 knots. The first pass resulted in zero. It had no signs of life on the buoy and was looking very ordinary so I picked up the speed and took it up to 15 knots and we continued nor east pulling our high speed spread of heavily weighted bullet head Scent Blazers. I must add they didn’t break the surface once and always held nicely in the water even at speeds of 18 knots.

Getting the spread loaded with bait and ready to deploy. A great idea is to match the bait with the lure colour, so if you have a green mackerel lure, load it with Mackerel. It makes the lure taste and look like the actual bait fish!

With the Manly Hydraulics buoy in sight we slowed the boat down to 8 knots and commenced a pass of the buoy. With both the buoys being void of any life we continued east nor east to the bait station. With ears peeled to the radio we listened as we headed east at 15 knots dragging our high speed spread. Not long after we came across a distinct current, temp and colour change from green to blue and from 24.5 to 25.6 degrees.

Another nice Yellowfin to the Scent Blazer Crew, seems as though the fish were feeding on Pilchards because all fish fell to the Scent Blazer Nano Sardine bullet head loaded with Pilchards.

Not long after passing the change we had a bite on the long corner at 15 knots but the hooks failed to stick. Peter saw a longish fish come out of the water while striking, possible Wahoo? On later investigation we found the skirt missing a big piece from the head down. With the amount of Wahoo caught that day it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a Wahoo. In the distance boats appeared and as we got closer we could see they were working the area talked about on the radio. As we approached we could see a big school of Yellowfin, Dolphin Fish and Wahoo on what looked like a krill slick.

A nice Yellowfin tuna caught on a Scent Blazer Nano in Sardine/Pilchard pattern loaded with Pilchard.

Our first pass resulted in a hook up on a Nano in sardine colour loaded with Pilchard on the shot gun. First fish was a nice little Yellowfin Tuna which was quickly bled, gutted and chilled. This continued till the wind increased and the fish went deep. At one point we let the Troll Pro sink and when we looked at the footage we were surprised to find how many Wahoo where actually under the Tuna!!

Unbelievable!! Who would have thought the Wahoo were just under the Tuna. Everyone thought they had moved on, clearly not.

We worked the area for another hour before we pointed the boat to Sydney. As the wind had created chop the fish went deep so we added a trolling sinker to our shotgun and within minutes we were hooked up again on another nice little Yellowfin Tuna. I guess being able to change your technique on the fly is one of the advantages of using Scent Blazer Lures. This was proved by simply adding a little bit of weight which got the bite!

Perfect hook up in the top of the mouth. The Hook Lock system really gives you a better hookup because you can position the hook in an upward position.

A beautiful fish made for speed! check out those colours.

As we crossed the many current lines and colour changes towards Sydney the bite continued into the darkness with the last Yellowfin being caught just off North Head!! I’ve never caught them that close and was great to see that these fish will come in close. I guess they will follow the current with depth not being much of an issue.

Sydney sunset, simply priceless!

Until the next bite