Tea water Yellowfin Tuna

Having only fished the day before with success we thought the plan should stay the same and run out to the same grounds in search of the fishy water from the previous day. Our day started like any other, pick up the crew, refuel and head to sea dropping our high speed Scent Blazers spread in at the Heads and make our way nor’east at 15 knots to the FAD and Hydraulics Buoy.

Picking up the crew for a day's trolling

Coming around North Head we were greeted by warm blue water, which brought the hopes up in our search for a Beakie. As we approach the FAD we noticed it to be quite void of any life! Has anyone else noticed the Sydney FAD and Manly Hydraulics buoy looking a little short of life?

Nice water but no fish, where have the fish gone?

So with nice water in close but not very fishy we decided to head east to the marks we got the fish the other day but much to our disappointment the further east we travelled the greener/browner the water got so north we went! All we could find was 23.5-degree water without any temp changes or colour changes in sight!! As we got out into deeper water we changed the spread to bigger lures in search of a Blue Marlin and with the amount of small Yellowfin around I'm sure that's what they are eating so we got out an X-Large Scent Blazer in Yellowfin colour and filled the chamber with bits of Yellowfin off cuts from the day before. How good does this look!

Matching the lure to the bait can pay off. We loaded this X-Large Scent Blazer in Yellowfin colour with Yellowfin Tuna. You can see how Scent Blazers replicate the bait they are imitating.

With spirits a little low we decided to head south and see if we could find any breaks, any colour change or any fish. Soon after crossing the 250-fathom line we had a hook up, something belted the shotgun, a Scent Blazer Nano in Sardine colour loaded with Pilchards!! At this point the water was a clay colour and full of algae but nonetheless we were pretty happy when a nice little yellowfin hit the deck. Only small but made for a lovely entre.

Seared Yellowfin Tuna encrusted in thyme,parsley and fennel seed white rice crumbs with a balsamic reduction. The benefits of using Scent Blazer lures, you've always got fresh fish.

Small Yellowfin are great fun on light gear and they also taste great!

We continued to work the area for zero, maybe he was lost but as we made our way south the water started to clear up and become full of bait. There was chatter of two boats coming across a current line filled with Yellowfin and lots of big Dollies but for us that luck wasn’t meant to be.

After bleeding that little Fin we opened the stomach and found heaps of squid so we now knew what they were feeding on!! So we pulled out the Squid coloured lure and use the Squid from the Yellowfin’s stomach and filled the chamber with it. Now our Squid lure actually looks and tastes like a Squid and the bait fish the Tuna were eating, we matched the hatch!

Notice where the hook is, in the top of the mouth. Having the hook lock will get you a better hook up as you can set your hook in an upright position.

One of Scent Blazer's many great features, the ability to fill your lure with the bait the fish are feeding on… as we approached Browns Mountain the water became more blue/ green than brown/green and the bait started to thicken with small bait scattering to Flying Fish in schools of 10-20 clearing the water in synchronization… looked very fishy.

Yet another Yellowfin Tuna on the shotgun, a Scent Blazer Nano bullet head in a Sardine colour.

Although the sun was quickly falling and the light was becoming dimmer and dimmer Peter decided to insert a Green LED in a Nano Sardine bullet head. As that sun and light disappeared the darkness covered the ocean and as we were crossing the self the short rigger got smashed and the best thing was it was completely dark!! It hits the deck and it’s a nice little Yellowfin!!

Adding LED lights to your Scent Blazers will allow you to fish into the dark and brighten your lures up on those gloomy days.

Amazing how this fish took the lure with the light in it over every other lure in the spread!! It's yet another great advantage to using Scent Blazer, as it’s a lure that can be used many ways. It’s the reason why Scent Blazer lures catch fish!!

Cant get sick of Sydney Sunsets!

It seems as though offshore fishing is changing day in day out with water temps and colour literally changing everyday but until the next bite.