Wahoo Lure

When trolling skirted trolling lures we catch alot of Wahoo - Acanthocybium solandri. Also called Mackerel, Queen-fish, Barracuda, Wahoo Fish, Kingfish and in french Thazard Noir, Poisson Bécune, Thazard-bâtard, Thazard Raité, Thon Banane and in Spanish Guaho, Guatapaná, Peje Sierra, Peto, Sierra Canalera also in Hawaii, the wahoo is known as ono. This fish is found in tropical and subtropical seas. It loves warm water and can grow up to 80kg or 175 pounds. The below Wahoo took a large Dorado skirted trolling lure with a slant head lure.

Acanthocybium solandri on a trolling lure.

Dorado skirted trolling lure for Wahoo.

Wahoo on a Scent Blazer skirted trolling lure.

Wahoo hookup.