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Wanted to send you two pics of your medium Scent Blazer lure as I used it for the first time in Honolulu. My girlfriend's mother (Janet) bought three of these lures and a teaser from you at the Great Outdoor Show in Long Beach. Janet brought the lures with her to Hawaii hoping that I would give them a shot. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical, but since she did spend money, I agreed to run them.

We filled the bait traps on the two lures with Aku (Skipjack) and I set them far to the back of my spread. The lures ran well and had plenty of action and I thought something might hit them. I was surprised that the bite was from two small Mahi! Both of these Mahi were caught on your lure and in the blind (no bird piles or rubbish in the water). I was really impressed because this lure is rather large for Mahi this small.

I had several 7 and 9 inch lures in the spread that are proven Mahi killers, but they hit the 12" Scent Blazer. Further, both Mahi had really good hook sets... in that the hook went into the mouth and came out the eye! They weren't going anywhere which was a relief to me...cuz to be honest my gaffing needs work. Anyway, I've got a boat to clean and get ready for the next charter, just wanted to say great job and I'm sold!

Oh yeah, the teaser ran really well too! It ran like a 14" marlin lure. It dove well, zigzagged underwater, and threw out the flash of light from the well that I cut your line out and added a hook on the end. Nothing bit it but I know for a fact it will get hit most likely from an Ono (Wahoo).


Island Charters Sport Fishing