Big Rock Distribution

NEWPORT, N.C. — Casey Ramm, Senior Vice President—Merchandising for Big Rock Sports®, LLC, announced today that Big Rock Sports has been named the exclusive distributor for Scent Blazer Lures in North America. Scent Blazer Lures, which is based in Sydney Australia, officially launched its Scent Blazer line of trolling lures and teasers in July at ICAST.

Scent Blazer Lures patented range of trolling teasers and lures are a flexible system that puts anglers in control of the lure's scent, look and swimming action. Fishermen load the chambers inside the lures with baits, fish scents, rattles and other fish attractants. The scent is then dispersed behind the lure as water flows into intakes at the front of the lure, through the perforated chambers and out the back of the lure.

Extensive testing was conducted on Scent Blazer Lures over the past three years in the waters off Hawaii, Mexico and the east coast of Australia. The tests compared trolling lures that are currently available in the marketplace to the Scent Blazer lures, which were loaded with bait. The skirt colors and head shapes of each lure involved in the tests were identical to ensure accurate results. According to the tests, Scent Blazer Lures outperformed the other lures by approximately five to one.

Scent Blazer Lures plans to follow the launch of the lures and teasers with a full line of skirts and other accessories. “Partnering with Scent Blazer Lures will help Big Rock Sports give our dealers and their customers a stronger portfolio of cutting-edge trolling tackle,” Ramm stated. “Scent Blazer Lures has quickly moved to the forefront of fishing innovation by combining multiple technologies into a trolling lure that looks, smells and tastes like a fish.”

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