Rigging a Troll Pro

Using a Trollpro is a fantastic way to get underwater trolling footage. Below are images from the Trollpro manual on all the ways you can rig your Trollpro.

You can troll lures and teasers behind your Trollpro. It's very easy to use with a GoPro camera with underwater housing and trolling housing in your trolling spread. All you need is a trolling rope, trolling weight, the TrollPro and a GoPro with underwater housing.

See ways to rig and add your underwater camera to your trolling spread below:

Rigging a Troll Pro underwater camera.

Rigging a TrollPro gopro camera to watch a teaser.

Down rigging a lure on a trollpro gopro hero underwater camera.

Down rigging a trolling lure on a trollpro gopro underwater camera.

Rigging a trolling spreader bar on a trollpro gopro underwater camera.

Many ways to rig a trollpro gopro trolling underwater camera.

Riggin a miilti spreader bar teaser on a trollpro underwater camera.

Hooking up a Marlin, TrollPro footage

Many hours of TrollPro footage

Trolling for live bait, TrollPro footage

Trolling Lures at Night, TrollPro footage