Red Black Trolling Lure Skirt

Trolling red skirted lures on the surface is good because red is a longer wavelength of light so, at 10 meters / 33 feet down in water, about 80 percent of the total light and all the red light have been absorbed in the water. Scent Blazer research team also added black to the trolling skirt to help balance this problem of red light in water.

So over a long distance black is the first thing the game fish will see. As it moves closer to the lure the red in the skirt comes into play. When the game fish is near the trolling lure the black dot pattern with red background is a trigger to get the predatory fish to strike at the lure.

#19 Scent Blazer Red Black Trolling Lure

#19 Scent Blazer Red Black Trolling Lure Skirts

Scent Blazer red black trolling lure replacement skirt.

Red Black spots and dots replacement trolling lure skirt.

Red Black Trolling Skirt Sizes
Product CodeNeck Diameter Length Fits Lure
SK65-195/8"(17mm)6.5"(16cm) NANO
SK95-191"(25mm) 9.5"(24cm)SMALL
SK13-191 1/4" (32mm)13.5"(34cm)MEDIUM
SK15-191 1/2"(36mm) 15.5"(38cm)LARGE
SK17-191 7/8" (48mm)17"(42cm)X-LARGE