Full Range of Trolling Lure Skirt Patterns.

Scent Blazer stocks a full range of trolling lure skirts. Many of the skirts come with spots and stripes, this helps predatory game fish attack the trolling lure.

As you can see by the colors and patterns below the skirts cover a large range of lure fish types and spices.

Full range of trolling lure skirt patterns group 1.

Best types of trolling lure skirt patterns group 2.

Mackerel, Yellowfin, Squid, Skipjack, Tuna, Sardine, Ballyhoo, Dorado, Flying Fish

Foil, Pearl, Bronze, Luminator, Silver, transparent, Gold, speckles

Blue, Pink, Gold, Red, Green, Black, Light Blue, Chartreuse, Magenta, Purple, Yellow, White

Yellow stripe, Orange stripe, Black stripe, Red stripe, Pink stripe, Green stripe, Blue stripe, Purple stripe, White stripe

spots, stripes, speckles

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