Rigging a TrollPro with weight

GoPro Troll Pro is one of the best ways to know whats at the back of the boat. As tackle developers it's more important to us, what we don't catch. Using a TrollPro helps us refine Scent Blazer products and hookup rate.

Rigging a weight on a troll pro keeps it down in the water. You can use a line weight or ball weight to keep down in the water at faster trolling speeds.

TrollPro gopro hero with rope and weight.

TrollPro rigged and ready to go with weight and trolling rope.

Yellowfin Tuna on a Troll pro gopro underwater camera.

TrollPro camera with a marlin on a Scent Blazer trolling lure.

Swimming Marlin behind a TrollPro camera.

Two blue Marlin looking at a lure behind a TrollPro with weight.

Troll Pro underwater image of a Mahi Mahi taking a Scent Blazer lure.

Image of Scent Blazer trolling lures behind a Troll Pro video camera.

HowTo: Rigging a Troll Pro

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