Dorado or Mahi-Mahi Skirt

This green and gold / yellow patten skirt with spots looks alot like a Dordo or Mahi-Mahi. Used for replacement skirt on hard body Scet Blazer trolling lure.

#23 Scent Blazer Dorado Trolling Lure
#23 Scent Blazer Dorado Trolling Lure Skirts

Scent Blazer Dorado hard body trolling skirt in yellow and green.

Dorade or Mahi-Mahi skirt in a packet.

Green and Gold Dorado Trolling Skirt Sizes
Product CodeNeck Diameter Length Fits Lure
SK65-195/8"(17mm)6.5"(16cm) NANO
SK95-191"(25mm) 9.5"(24cm)SMALL
SK13-191 1/4" (32mm)13.5"(34cm)MEDIUM
SK15-191 1/2"(36mm) 15.5"(38cm)LARGE
SK17-191 7/8" (48mm)17"(42cm)X-LARGE

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