Pink Fishing Teasers

Scent Blazer game fishing tackle has a rage of pink bubblegum trolling teasers. Don't be fooled by the pretty pink colour, these trolling teasers are the best bet to add to your trolling spread. They are built to last and have real power to attact big game fish when loaded with bait or chum.

Stuffed with Squid, Sardines and fish bits inside the game teasers so when it's towed will leave a massive smoke trail and sent in the water. Scent Blazer lures make two sizes, the 8inch or 20cm and the 12inch or 30cm.

View 8" teaser

View 12" teaser

Pink teaser splash.

Two pink trolling teasers in a chain.

12inch pink trolling teaser.

Chain of pink 12inch trolling teasers with skirt tail.

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