3D Trolling Fishing Spread

When trolling for big game fish it's a must to have a 3D spread. Some lures skipping the surface and a number of trolling lures weighted down in the clean and clear water visible to game fish. Below is an example of the type of 3D spread we use at Scent Blazer research. As you can see we have a seven (7) trolling lure spread. 2x short, 2x long, 2x flat and the shotgun down the back.

Having seven (7) lines out trolling is not an easy task, yet you catch more fish. With Scent Blazer we have full swimming action control. With lure weights and line weights we can keep the lures in the correct positions. Pulling in six (6) lines after a strike is almost as much fun as playing the fish to the boat.

Down rigging with weights on the Long Flat and the Short Flat is one of the best ways to get into deep water. Rigging with weight is a good way to raise all types of Tuna as they known to in habitat deep water. We also recommend adding LED lights to down rigged lures.

Before arrange an advanced spread look into how many rod holders are on the boat. If none, you’re on the wrong type of boat.

3D trolling lure spread top view over the spread with Marlin.

Side view of a 3D skirted trolling lure fishing spread.

Trolling lure spread from under the water and spread position.

Trolling Lure Spread

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