Marlin Anatomy

Marlin are found all around the in deep clean clear water at temperatures from 20C/68F to 26C/78F. We have four main types of Marlin across the world. Yet most differ in look and color from sea to sea. An example is Striped Marlin. Do a search on the internet for Stripped Marlin.

We love the Australian Blue Marlin that migrates up and down the east coast of Australia. It's always a good long fight! Our head for research calls, small Stripped Marlin as 'time wasting'. So not true.

Below are diagrams of Black Marlin Anatomy, Blue Marlin Anatomy, Stripped Marlin Anatomy and White Marlin Anatomy. Note how the Dorsal Fin (5) and Pelvic Fin (8) and Pectoral Fin (9) differ from each other.

Black Marlin Anatomy Diagram

Blue Marlin Anatomy Diagram

Stripped Marlin Anatomy Diagram

'White Marlin Anatomy Diagram

  • 1. Tail
  • 2. Paired Keels
  • 3. Second Dorsal Fin
  • 4. Upper Color
  • 5. First Dorsal Fin
  • 6. Bill
  • 7. Gill Plate
  • 8. Pelvic Fin
  • 9. Pectoral Fin or ventral fins
  • 10. Lower Color
  • 11. First Anal Fin or cloacal fin
  • 12. Second Anal Fin

Billfish Types Table

Name Location
White Marlin Atlantic Ocean
Striped Marlin Indo Pacific Ocean
Black Marlin Indo Pacific Ocean
Blue Marlin Atlantic Atlantic Ocean
Blue Marlin Indo Pacific Indo Pacific Ocean
Broadbill Swordfish World wide
Indo Pacific Sailfish Indo Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Sailfish Atlantic Ocean
Shortbill Spearfish Indo Pacific Ocean
Mediteranean Spearfish Mediteranean Sea
Longbill Spearfish Atlantic Ocean
Roundscale spearfish Mediteranean Atlantic

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