Best Time Of The Year For Dolphin Fish

Scent Blazer lures research team spend alot of time off Sydney NSW. When we fish we are always willing to catch anything and one is the Dolphin fish also known as Mahi-Mahi or Dorado. One of the best time of the year for Dolphin Fish off Sydney is when the water temp is around 21 degrees, so just look for 21 degrees on your sea charts. You can always find Dolphin Fish around structures like fish attracting devices FAD. In the center of a structure you find the smaller Dolphin Fish and around the edges you get the larger ones. Dolphin Fish will take large lures so no need to go small with your lure size. Scent Blazer has designed a number of lure packs that are good for catching Dolphinfish.

Dolphinfish hooked on a red and black squid trolling lure.

Dolphinfish landed on a Scne Blazer pink skirted trolling lure.

Flag used after catching a Dolphin fish.

Dolphin fish landed off Sydney NSW Australia off a Sydney FAD.

Large Golden Dolphin fish landed with scented trolling lure.

Dolphin fish hooked with a scented trolling lure chain.

Mahi-Mahi Game Fishing Lure Pack

Sydney Offshore Game Fishing Lure Pack

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