Mahi-Mahi Tournament Fishing Flag

Tournament fishing flags are a good way to communicate to others you have caught a Mahi-Mahi / Dolphin fish / Dorado. One Mahi-Mahi landed equals one Mahi-Mahi flag raised. When you see the flag upside down the meaning is hooked not landed. This is to share the information to other fishers that Mahi-Mahi / Dolphin fish / Dorado fish are around or in season. Most flags are displayed on the port side so it can be easily see by other passing vessel.

Mahi-Mahi Tournament Fishing Flag.

Below is a list of free file formats of a Mahi-Mahi / Golphin fish / Dorado tournament fishing flag. Free to use and print into your very own fishing flag. With yellow background and a Mahi-Mahi in black print.

Mahi-Mahi Flag File Formats

List of Tournament Fishing Flags

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