Billfish Teaser

When trolling for big game Billfish it's a must to have teasers with scent in your trolling spread. We use scent teaser and also strip teasers on most trolling lines. The billfish have a keen sense of smell and detect scent from miles away. Using Scent Blazer scented teaser help draw the billfish to the back of the boat. We found that a pink teaser we use is alot like a squid to a billfish.

Billfish Pink Teaser Chain making a splash.
How to setup a spread of pink trolling teaser chain for catching Billfish.
Pink Scent Blazer scent teaser.
Strip teasers used on line before trolling lure.
Rigged teasers in a chain with fresh chum scent.
Billfish hooked and landed by using scented teasers.

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